Taste Success with Partner Program

Are you looking for a viable business opportunity?
Want to earn a second source of income?
Searching for that perfect work from home break?

Taste Success with Partner Program

Are you looking for a viable business opportunity?
Want to earn a second source of income?
Searching for that perfect work from home break?

Your Search ends at Food Nostalgia

a one-of-its-kind food venture that offers India’s favourite treats to the world.

What is Food Nostalgia?

It’s a brand inspired by our dadi-nani’s favourite recipes and the warmth and love it brings along with every bite. We offer home-style food with masaledar twists, premium products, indulgent snacks and more through both online and offline models.

What Makes Us Unique?

Handmade Products

Superior Quality

World Famous Brands

Timely Delivery


What Makes Us Unique?






Invitations for Partner Program Now Open!!

What is the Partner Program?

You will be a part of the Food Nostalgia family, and you can sell our premium products in your network and earn through your sales.

Why Join the Partner Program?

  • Avail attractive offers from Food Nostalgia
  • Get Pan-India support for your sales journey
  • End-to-end logistics support for all your deliveries
  • Marketing support that helps you sell more every day
  • Enjoy international standard training that boosts your confidence and enhances your skills
  • Leverage countless growth opportunities

Who Should Join the Program?

  • Homemakers
  • Agents or brokers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Retailers
  • Café or Restaurant Owners
  • Professionals
  • Or anyone aspiring to start their own business

Top 8 Challenges Faced by Resellers

Challenge 1 : Stock Management

Limited space to store stock, safety concerns, weather problems, movement of perishable items, etc.

Our Solution: Zero Stock Management

With Food Nostalgia, you don’t need to keep any stock in your location – whether it is a home or a warehouse. We have a zero-stock policy for our resellers, helping you to focus on selling rather than stocking!
We handle all the stock through our website at our own warehouse and we manage all deliveries from there itself, even for your customers.

Challenge 2 : Margins

Low profit margins in most deals make it difficult for resellers to earn a substantial income from the business.

Our Solution: High Margins

We want our resellers to earn substantial amounts from the Food Nostalgia business and help contribute to your financial dreams and aspirations. In this endeavour, we offer a fixed 20% margin to all our resellers and it can go up to 30% depending on your growth and distribution network.
Our margins are some of the most competitive and highest in the food industry – offering a tempting opportunity to every budding and aspirational entrepreneur.
You’ll be tasting profits and success pretty soon once you start!

Challenge 3 : Delivery

Handling the various deliveries – involving high costs, logistic challenges, government norms and permissions, etc.

Our Solution: Easy Delivery Solutions

Since Food Nostalgia has our own logistic partners for delivery, we will help you with end-to-end deliveries to fulfil all your orders. We have fixed rates for deliveries in various locations and will be sharing the rate card with you. Accordingly, you can determine the charges to avail from your customers for the deliveries of particular products.
We also have highly organized and set schedules for local, national and international deliveries that ensure that customers always get their much-awaited tempting food products on time.

Challenge 4 : Returns

Customers who return products can add to the worries of a reseller as they need to restock and resell the product to another customer.

No Returns Policy

Compared to products like apparel or accessories, food products are simpler to handle as we offer a zero-return policy. This ensures you don’t need to worry about products being returned every now and then. However, in the rare case of a wrong product or a destroyed product, customers can raise a request and we will handle the return, replacement or refund queries with our logistics support.
Since we work with only world-class food manufacturers, you can assure your customers of the best taste and quality at all times.

Challenge 5 : Competition

The rapidly growing competition in the e-commerce segment can be daunting for many resellers to continue stable growth in their business.

Our Solution: Minimum Competition

We understand that you’re worried about competition, especially since the food industry is so competitive and highly dependent on price and availability. At Food Nostalgia, we are only going to appoint one reseller in one region to minimize competition. Similarly, we will only have a few resellers in a particular city so that everyone gets an equal opportunity to sell more and earn more.
Our products won’t be available in any retail store and will be sold only on our website. This also minimizes competition as you won’t be competing for shelf space. You can offer maximum discounts as per your price plans to your customers through direct selling and also enjoy the monopoly in your location!

Challenge 6 : Growth

While many retailers have big dreams to grow the business to new heights of success, they often don’t know how to start

Maximum Growth

Our plans for our resellers involve a lot of promotions and profits through various channels. You can increase the incentives you earn as you increase the quantity sold through your distribution network. If you decide to become the master retailer for another city, you can earn through their sales as well. Once you join our partner program, you will start earning a lot of additional income and can expect steady and steep growth as well!
Rise and shine in your professional career with Food Nostalgia!

Challenge 7 : Marketing Hassles

Many resellers are unable to market their products to the right audiences and often have trouble dedicating ample budgets for marketing as well.

Our Solution: End to End Marketing Support

Food Nostalgia ensures complete marketing support to all our resellers. We give you WhatsApp creatives that you can circulate in your network and also help you with the allocation of your marketing budgets if you’d like to go above and beyond. Our marketing experts can also support you with any additional marketing requirements that you may have. Even with just the marketing efforts of Food Nostalgia, you can get a strong revenue and growing customer base!

When we handle all the marketing at our end, you enjoy more customers, with less investments!

Challenge 8 : Understanding the Business

Many new aspirants in the industry who want to become a reseller are often confused about the process and fail to gain momentum.

Our Solution: Training Resellers

At Food Nostalgia, we help even novices become professional resellers with the help of our comprehensive training programs. We have designed the perfect training solutions for all kinds of sellers – entrepreneurs, students, homemakers, professionals, employees and more. As a result, you get a complete guide to jumpstart your reseller journey and have someone always by your side to answer all of your queries and doubts.

Time to Resolve these Challenges with Food Nostalgia! Just Contact Us


Shweta Agarwal

Shweta Agarwal

As a homemaker, she had been looking for a profitable business opportunity for quite some time to spread her wings and explore her passion. Taking her love for food further, she joined the Partner Program and has been earning big profits every month!

Nidhi Srivastava

Nidhi Srivastava

Ms. Srivastava was blessed with a special needs child, and she faced different struggles to raise her autistic son. But once he grew up, she started looking for business opportunities and joined Food Nostalgia. She’s now doing exceptionally well, thanks to her social skills and wide network!

Ajit Goel

Ajit Goel

An Caterer by profession, he had an exceptional customer base and maintained strong relationships with all his clients. When he joined Food Nostalgia, he was able to sell multiple products with high profit margins. His strong network definitely helped him in the Partner Program of Food Nostalgia!

How Does it Work?

1. Join Food Nostalgia as a Reseller in our Partner Program

4. Earn a sizable share from the sales

2. Get access to all our product range and marketing material

5. Recommend your friends or family to join the Partner Program and earn a commission extra!

3. Sell the products to your network – either through the e-commerce website or offline through other channels

6. Sell more, earn more!

7. Be a part of a premium food brand and grow your legacy

Ready to take the leap?


Contact us on and gear up for a rewarding and profitable future ahead!

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